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About Kelly

Kelly Collison was born and raised in Michigan. Coming from a working-class upbringing, she held down jobs to support her family and even lived without a home throughout periods of her childhood. Kelly learned early on, the importance of hard work and the difficult reality shared by many low-income families in America.

At the age of 18, Kelly moved to the United Kingdom where she was able to experience first-hand the quality of life offered by other developed nations in the world. It was in Norfolk, England that she gave birth to her daughter, Charli. Much to her surprise, Kelly was billed nothing for her medical care thanks to England’s publicly-funded National Health Service. Living and working in Europe, she gained a deeper appreciation for the value of a cooperative society and systems that prioritize the well-being of every individual.

Upon returning to the United States, Kelly volunteered her time to the Capital Area Response Effort, an organization dedicated to aiding survivors of domestic violence in the Greater Lansing area. As a survivor of domestic violence herself, Kelly felt an obligation to work with and support those who have experienced similar trauma.

Kelly went on to attend Lansing Community College where she studied sociology and political science. While in school, she worked full-time as a certified pharmacy technician before leaving to support campaigns for progressive candidates. Through her work in campaign organizing, Kelly acquired vital skills and knowledge of the political process and earned wide recognition as a leader in Michigan’s progressive movement.

In 2017, Kelly was elected as chair of the Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP). As chair, she oversaw the transformation of an almost defunct caucus into one of the most influential forces inside the MDP, all within a year. Today, Kelly continues to battle the status quo For the Many, Not the Few.

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